Since a young boy, Bill Ernst has been obsessed with the outdoors.  Bill began hunting at a young age and hasn't looked back since.  
     Don’t let the name fool you. This is not your average run of the mill, talk’n turkey outdoors show. Named after the Host, Bill ‘Spur Chaser’ Ernst, he and his Crew are wildlife junkies. Better described as a ‘Force of Nature’ when they take to the woods. Rather it be chasing gators and hogs in the swamps, runn’n and gun’n for turkeys in the Midwest or spot/stalk on whitetails in the Heartlands. They bring the excitement to you from every aspect of the hunt. Not always looking for the ‘Trophy’, but rather considering every trip and hunt a success. Be it ‘groceries’ for the family or a proper herd management hunt, sitting around the campfire telling stories to hanging out of their favorite tree, all Fair Chase and all from the field.
    Rather then sit on a stool in front of a ‘Green Screen’ talking about it, this Crew takes you with them through the adventure, good and bad. Sharing their passion for the Outdoors with Family and Friends alike. Always willing to lend a helping hand and help educate / introduce our younger generation along the way.
    Season 2 is sure to please, as Bill includes his children in his outdoor ventures. Be sure to catch his son, Ethan 'Little Man', as he lays down his first Wild Hog , as well as hunts Whitetail with his dad , and puts the hammer down on a Ol' Tom. Hunting mainly in their home state of Florida , all Fair Chase. From their experiences to your living room.

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Bill - Host
We often have openings on some of our hunting adventures ...
    If you see a upcoming hunt that you are interested in , touch base with us for details.